Festival of Art Connectivity

February 7th 12:00 AM till February 8th 12:00 AM

Main locations are 7th and 8th floors at Greenhouse,
Gottlieb-Dunkel-Strasse 43-44, 12099 Berlin.


the Art Connectivity Festival


will be held on Saturday 7th of Februari 2015, on the 7th and 8th floors of the Greenhouse, work and meeting place for many artists and meta-artists from the whole world.

will connect every form of art representing it organically in a 24h exhibition driven by artists of the Greenhouse and from the outer space.

The leading Theme is the Cold.

We call:
musicians, painters, dancers, cooks, sculptors, actors, writers, graphic designers, movie makers, photographers...
with own ideas to shape INTERARTICA together.
And, last but not least, we call helping hands for PR, building, cleaning, security and production crew.

To participate and for more information, please contact us.
Tel. +491714324254.


                  Festival of Art Connectivity

  • Anton Hantschel

    Anton Hantschel prefers to work visually with Ink, watercolour, pastels, crayon, pencil, pigments, glaze colour and acrylics. In the last years he uses also collages that combine elements of analogous and digital photography und manual artistic techniques like drawing and painting as well as computer graphics and video technology to expand his range of expression.

  • Antonello Marafioti

    Antonello Marafioti, born 1962 in Rome.
    He has been living and performing in Berlin since 1994 as Jazz Pianist and Composer.
    He is also the originator and promoter of INTERARTICA.

    At Interartica he will perform with different Jazz combinations, considering Jazz as universal language.

  • Lilith Milkway

    Born as Carmen Schroll, Lilith has been expressing herself through visual and contemporary art for more than 20 years.
    Inspired by photography, postproduction, abstract automatic painting, she found her very unique way of fluorescent painting and expanded it through years.

  • O. Fox

    Fox is a Berlin based Saxophonist with a deep global musical experience. Born in East Berlin, Oliver Fox completed his jazz studies in Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute in Mainz(Germany) and Graz(Austria) under a Z.I.R.P scholarship. He then broadened his musical horizons, researching carnatic music in India and then working as a performer and composer in Shanghai, China.


                  Festival of Art Connectivity


  • ARTISTS and META-ARTISTS who want to participate: · 22/10/2014

    ARTISTS and META-ARTISTS who want to participate:

    Antonello Marafioti, Antonia Duende, Davide Marafioti, David Beecroft, Anton Hantschel, Oliver Fox, Improtheater Gorillas, Andrea Roncali, Karìma Al-Mukhtarovà, Fabio Dentella, Tiberiu Bleoanca, Roberto Nocci, Stefano Mascitti, Cristina Dezi, Caren Sielaff, Erste Sahne



                  Festival of Art Connectivity



Gottlieb-Dunkel-Strasse 43-44
12099 Berlin, Germany

Always open

Phone +491714324254